• Keeping Ken


    A dog who doesn't listen is a danger to himself and the community.  He might run out into traffic, get hit, cause an accident, or he might frighten a bicyclist into a ditch.  His jumping and pawing are an embarrasment and your relatives would prefer it if you left him at home.  After all what good is a "sit", if he only does it at home or when he wants to?

    Obedience is not just a familiarity with the meaning of a couple of positions or actions. It is responding to the command to assume those positions or actions reliably upon the first command in all situations regardless of distractions.


    My goal is to give you the tools, knowledge and help you need to obtain that level of obedience. He can then become the companion you wanted when you first looked into his eyes and promised him that you would keep him forever.If you are interested in bark collar and are eager to learn more then visit barkcontrol.com.

    I believe in balanced training methods that establish and maintain a foundation of understanding and trust.  That said, I also believe in following up with proofing excersises to insure that your dog comprehends his obedience in distracting circumstances.  All dogs should be able to hold a polite down during dinner with guests, a sit stay at the door for company, walk on a loose leash and have a reliable come off leash.