Shopping for a Ken Doll

Ken suit jacket0001When trekking down the toy aisles of any retail store, you are certain to walk down an aisle displaying Barbie Dolls. And there are a variety of them available for sale, all of which have accessories for you to purchase as well. These are very easy to find within any store. However, what if you are in the market for a Ken Doll?

Ken wasn’t introduced into the Barbie Doll line until 1961. Since then, they have release a new version of the Ken doll each year. In fact, Ken was even the inspiration for Mattel to create the G.I. Joe character, which is still quite popular today. With this being the case, you would expect to find a Ken Doll located right next to the Barbie doll. However, that is not normally the case.

If you have gone to a few retailers, and not seen any available on the store shelves, your next best option is to go online and visit that stores website. Most of the bigger stores, like Wal-Mart, Toys r Us and Target, will have a Ken doll available for you to purchase and sent to you or the local store. Another source for you to consider is E-bay. Utilizing E-Bay will give you more variety of Ken Dolls available for sale, but the prices are not stagnant on the site, and so you have to determine ahead of time how much you are willing to spend to get a Ken Doll.

Over the years, Mattel has worked on expanding the lines of Ken dolls available ( in some websites they are even being marketed as unique birthday gift ideas and one of the cool things to buy online ), as there are many variations, including a Palm Beach Ken and a Japan Ken. Due to the many variations, the right Ken doll is available for you to purchase, in order to complete your collection or your kids playtime. Doing your research ahead of time will ease your headache of searching for a Ken doll, and allow you to know which Ken doll you want to pursue.