Cool Facts About Ken

ken frameMost people are so in love with “Barbie”. I mean, who doesn’t want to be appealing as barbie with her skinny figure and her adorable face? But the perfect girl needs the perfect man and Ken is Barbie’s manly reflection.

When Ken entered the scene, he literally captivated every one’s attention. He was the ultimate “McDreamy” not only to Barbie but for all of us. He stole the show and laterally relegated everyone that came before me in the backburner.

Soon after his first debut in 1961, the popularity of Ken continues to rise amidst all the challenges. Barbie and Ken were the perfect “American Sweethearts”. In 1983, hockey player for the Edmonton Oilers had a line of clothing for Ken which was exclusively distributed in Canada. Also in 1992, Mc Hammer did a clothing for him. Lastly, the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 had also made a clothing line for Barbie and Ken.

What we do not know is that this “guy-next-door” had first seen in Barbie’s commercial in 1961. Since then Ken had at least forty occupations. He was the second character to join the cast of Barbie. Ken’s full name is Ken Carson, he is the son of Edna and Kenneth Carson and a brother to Tommy. Ken is a good friend to Allen Sherwood and Derek who was his bandmate in the “Barbie and the Rockstar”.

But the love story of Barbie and Ken was not without challenge. They had a much-publicized breakup in the year 1967. Barbie was then linked to Blaine Gordon, an Australian doll. Their love story, however, didn’t last. In 1969, love conquered these two lovebirds again, Barbie and Ken reunited after two years of break up.

Until today, Ken is still captivating every people with his cuteness and charm. The good news is that the love story of Ken and Barbie will continue to conquer our hearts until the next millennia. And why not, he’s a doll after all!