Most Sought After Ken Dolls

Ken comes in many shapes and forms and has been changing since it was first manufactured in 1959. Some of these variations have been loved while others have been loathed. Here is a look at the most sought after ken dolls.

                                               superstar ken

Superstar Ken

This was the first Ken made from 1961 to 1977. He had straight arms but was rather rigid. His head could only turn left and right and the arms could not bend. He had felt hair which is passionately referred to as flocked hair. The problem with this hair is that it fell off when wet. The head can swivel while the hands can fold. On the face, Ken wears a dimpled smile while the clothes are permanently molded in the body.

Talking Ken

Talking Ken

Released in 1970, Ken was able to talk in both English and Spanish. He also came in a new attire; an orange and turquoise jacket. He had brown molded hair and blue eyes.

Sunset Malibu Ken

Sunset Malibu Ken doll

Made in 1971, Malibu Ken had a new suntanned skin topped with molded blond hair. He had red trunks and a blue towel as part of his wardrobe.

Busy Ken Doll

Busy Ken doll

Made in 1972-1973, this Ken was able to grasp ad hold items. He had bendable legs and wore blue jeans and a red tank top. He also wore white tennis shoes and a top brown belt.

Mod Hair Ken

Mod hair Ken Doll

This was made from 1973 to 1975 and the design borrowed to the Montgomery WARD mod Hair Ken Doll made I 1974 to 1976. This one had rooted brown hair, an extra beard, a moustache and sideburns. He wore brown or white checked jacket, white turtle neck dickey brown shoes and light brown pants. The improvements in 1974 included a change I wardrobe into blue brocade tux, black shoes and red trunks.

Magic Earring Ken

Earring Magic Ken

Released in 1993, this doll was thought to resemble the fashion of gay people at the time. It is no wonder that this is among the most sought after Ken dolls by collectors.