Why We Love Ken

IMG_0674If you know why you love collecting Ken dolls, you’ll make better decisions as a collector. Obviously, you love collecting Ken dolls because your Barbie collection doesn’t feel entirely complete without the Ken dolls from the same time period. Ken dolls have gone through their own stylistic evolution just like Barbie dolls. If you’re a collector, you appreciate the way styles of Ken dolls have changed with the times.

You can buy Ken dolls from the 1960’s that feature a Ken with a slim and sensitive appearance. Ken dolls from the 1970’s have the wild and long hair that was popular at the time. Just like Barbie became a career girl in the 1990’s, it’s possible to find Ken dolls from that time period who are also working as doctors rather than permanent beach boys. The Ken doll has been around for fifty years now. Plenty of fashion trends have come and gone since then, and people can see them reflected in Ken. If you love history, you’ll love Ken even more. He’s been influenced by history, and he’s a part of history.

If you collect Ken, you’ll also be able to get the Ken dolls that have the characteristics you want. Some people like Ken dolls with plastic hair. Most people prefer Ken dolls with rooted hair, just like Barbie. If you wished your childhood version of Ken looked different, you might be able to find the right one now. Lots of people like fashion dolls, and Ken is a rare example of a fashion doll that’s male. He fills a niche that many people don’t even acknowledge.

Naturally, we all love Ken partly out of nostalgia. If you grew up playing with Barbies, you probably also grew up playing with Ken. He’s a time capsule in more ways than one for all of us. Some people think of Ken as being one of Barbie’s largest accessories. Other people love Ken for being Ken.